Ninja Kids Ages 7 – 12

Back To School Deal 

Congratulations for taking the first steps in your martial arts journey taking part in the Schools Out Summer Club. 

We have an amazing Back To School Offer to help families get started in their martial arts training.

Offer includes

  1. Basic Training Uniform RRP £25:00
  2. 4 Weeks trainning (Consecutive weeks) in 2 lessons per week from our Timetable. RRP £59.97
  3. Pair of Basic training gloves.RRP £15:99

All of this for only £79.99. YOU SAVE more than £30 by getting the deal today!  

The link will open in a new window. The Class timetable etc is in the link.

The terms and conditions that you agreed to in the “New Starter health form” are displayed below. A member of the team will be in touch and send you the New Starter Digital form as soon as your booking is complete.

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Terms and Conditions


By setting up Payment you are agreeing to abide by the following.

1. Please respect our employees, members, premises and timetable.
2. Be dressed in Kane Academy uniform. Long hair must be tied back and jewellery removed for each lesson.
3. Clothing/ equipment not purchased from Kane Academy is not permitted.
3. Outdoor shoes must be removed before entering any of our classrooms.
4. All disruptions should be kept to a minimum whilst lessons are taking place, except in an emergency.
5. No photography or video recording in our premises at any times.
6. No smoking, alcohol or drugs are allowed at the Kane Academy.
7. It is not permitted to bring outside food or drink into our premises.
8. Ensure children are collected promptly and quietly after their scheduled lesson.
9. Parents and/or guardians of all children under 10 years old must remain at the premises during lesson time. This also
includes those with any medical conditions.
10. Parents should always use the waiting area.
11. The Kane Academy is not responsible for children outside the scheduled lesson time.
12. Uphold the reputation of the Kane Academy.

Class Etiquette / Behaviour
1. Respect your instructor.
2. The importance of hygiene.
3. Take care of your training partners and other class members.
4. Leave your excuses at home.
5. Do not stop drilling until your instructor tells you to stop.
6. Do not show up to the lessons poorly.
7. Show up to lessons on time.
8. Let the instructor do their job.
9. Be considerate of another’s space.

Note that plain suitable clothing for example jogging bottoms and tee shirts are to be worn during lesson trials and activities the Academy is hired for by outside providers e.g. Council projects run by Kirklees and other bodies.

Positive Rewards Structure.

Our academy follows a positive rewards system in order to promote learning in class. This is in the form of stickers and certificates.

We have had success over the years by using this model.

Parents have seen large improvements in listening and behaviour at home and in school.

At Kane Academy it’s more than just punching and kicking.

Class Disciplinary Procedure

We promote pupils to have an ability to understand that their actions have a repercussion. For example in the event that little Johnny decides he isn’t wanting to listen to instructions today. It is first explained to the child the importance of listening to instructions and working as a team. If a child continues on the same path they are given Time Out and asked to think about their behaviour. After 2 minutes we allow the child back in to participate If the behaviour continues we have a further two Time Out before we call the parent to discontinue participation in activity for that day or event.

There are a number of reasons children may not follow instructions on a particular day. We always give them a second chance to take part in another occasion as we like to help families with challenging behaviour and developing self esteem.

Payments / Invoices
1. Fees are per pupil. There are no discounts.
2. Programme membership is an annual fee based on the Kane Academy being open for 45 weeks of the year and divided into 12 monthly payments.
3. If you have missed a lesson you have missed it. There is no roll over to the next week or month.
4. Monthly fees include the lessons stipulated for the programme that you have subscribed to. All workshops, badge assessments, grade exams, competitions and other lessons incur additional costs. These must be booked and paid for in advance. This is non refundable.
5. Fees are collected by direct debit. The first month is due at the time of joining. Failure to set up the direct debit or any missed payments will incur a £5 surcharge.
6. There are two scheduled dates that payments can occur, either the 1st or the 15th of the month, depending on the date in which you join.
7. Cancellation to membership must be done in writing with 4 weeks’ notice via the contact page on the website with subject header “Membership Cancellation.” The system takes one month to process any changes. This is dependent on the date when payment falls and you may still be charged for the final month.
8. We will not be held responsible or accountable for any continued payments made to an ‘active membership’ account as a result of your failure to stop payments as outlined above even if no lessons were attended. This is non refundable.
9. You will be notified with a minimum of 14 working days of any fee changes.
10. Licences and Insurance is mandatory by all pupils attending lessons at Kane Academy. Pupils will be added to an annual licence and insurance direct debit mandate after initially joining the academy. You will receive an email to confirm this.

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Parents: Not sure if it is for your child? Fill in this form to recieve a week FREE VIP trial pass. We’d love to hear from you.

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