Teens &

Adults Kickboxing

Family is at the heart of our Teen and Adult Kickboxing program. We attract an array of people from all walks of life to this program as well as parents from our Junior programs and significant other’s from our Ladies program.

Take up a new hobby, learn a new skill and grade to black belt is achievable. You just need to get started…

You can book a 4 week introductory course at our Dojo by clicking the booking link below.

What You

Will Learn



Through learning Martial Arts techniques and exercises your body will become stronger. This extra strength gained also helps you develop more self worth and confidence.


This activity is great for releasing pent up stress from either exam study or work.



By learning a new skill and progressing through a belt grading system you will build self confidence through achieving bite-size goals.


Through participating consistently you will start to see an improvement in your overall fitness levels.




6:30pm –  7:30pm


6:30pm –  7:30pm

Book a 4 week

Introductory Course


Train with Kane at home

Why not take a look at our Online Academy. We have various courses available including online versions of our belt grading syllabus.

Our course platform works on any device. Here's a quick link to one of our train at home bag blast courses for those that bought the gear but still have no idea!

Kane Academy | Learn Martial Arts and Self Defence

get in


Parents: Not sure if it is for your child? Fill in this form to recieve a week FREE VIP trial pass. We’d love to hear from you.

Kane Academy

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