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Hi I’m James Griffin

I have worked with Kane Academy for over 10 years and love seeing pupils progression through the Grade Structure.

I enjoy helping with Grade Assessments and small groups at the Academy 

I  started martial arts as a child aged 4 years old. It has been a massive part of my life for over 30 years. I have competed in Filipino Martial Arts in  Full Contact Stickfighting at WEKAF sanctioned events and have competed in Karate in Katas.

I love the values at Kane Academy and what we aim to deliver in creating  a legacy in the town. 

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James Teaching Qualifications include

2023 4th Degree Black Belt Kickboxing Graded by Grand Master Ronnie Green

2012 Junior Instructor Filipino Martial Arts Graded by Tuhon Rebecca Kane 

2007 3rd Degree Black Belt Karate 

Hi I’m Scott Chadwick

I’m a former member of Team GB for Full Contact Fighting

Adult Black Belts at Kane Academy

I had a long break from training after being a young member of Team GB fighting. 

My father sent me to martial arts lessons as it would help to develop my confidence and self esteem. I had a very successful childhood Participating in the Martial Arts and competing at British and European championships for Full contact Stick Fighting. I am proud to say I was lucky enough to win fights and place Silver and Bronze and be one of the top in Europe at Filipino Martial Arts.

I now too am a father and I got back involved as I wanted to see my daughter develop her confidence and self esteem. I wanted to be able to train alongside her. There is no better place than Kane Academy and the Teen and Adult Class is ideal for families wanting to train together.

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Scott’s Teaching Qualifications 

2023 Kickboxing Black Belt Examined by Grand Master Ronnie Green

2012 Junior Instructor Filipino Martial Arts under Tuhon Rebecca Kane
2002 Black Belt Karate 

Hi I’m Callum Quarmby

I have trained at Kane Academy since the age of 5. Through the Tiny Tiger programme, Ninja Kids Programme and Teen Adult Programmes.

Callum Quarmby Black Belt at Kane Academy

I want to see more Autistic and SEND children learn Martial Arts 

I  started martial arts as a child aged 5 years old. Initially I struggled with balance and motor skills. It wasn’t until later i was Diagnosed with Autism. For me the Academy became my safe place and second home especially when High School became difficult.

I now enjoy helping on Grading Examinations and mentoring small groups of students. I want to see them gain the same benefits as I did. Kane Academy really changed my life!

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Callums Teaching Qualifications include

2021 – Black Belt Kickboxing Examined by Grand Master Ronnie Green

2023 – Black Belt Kickboxing Examined by Grand Master Ronnie Green

Hi I’m Richard Bassinder

I’m probably the opposite of the type of person you would expect to learn Martial Arts

Adult Martial arts at Kane Academy

I grew up watching the Martial Arts movies and always wanted to learn

The concept of going into a place where toxic masculinity is displayed would have really put me off learning. Kane Academy isn’t like this at all.

My confidence has developed so much throughout my near 10 years as a member at the Academy.I wouldn’t have thought I would have ever felt comfortable sparring however, over time through careful tuition and guidance I was beginning to train, spar and up the level and intensity.

The skills I have gained have definitely helped me in my career in the corporate world and I now want to help give back to the next generation of pupils at the Academy.

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Richards Teaching Qualifications 

2023 Kickboxing Black Belt Examined by Grand Master Ronnie Green


Hi I’m Bernadette Flemming 

I have always had an active lifestyle and now I want to Inspire others to stay active.

Assistant Instructor at Kane Academy of Martial Arts

I was always led to believe that women could not do combat sports…

This is so wrong. I now want to help prove that us Ladies Can Do it too! The learning environment is what attracted me to the Academy, There are no egos here. Everyone wants to help each other and progress through the grades. I have seen pupils also compete and win British Titles and our Head Instructor continue Competing during my decade of training at the Kane Academy. I find this extremely inspiring. 

Though the competition side is not for me there are so many benefits of Martial Arts training. It has inspired me to enter into Marathons and keep an active and balanced life. It has become my second home. I now love seeing the other pupils progress through the ranks. 

I like helping on Grading Days and with lessons. 

Be Inspired

Bernadette’s Teaching Qualifications 

2023 Assistant Instructor for Foundation Programmes Examined by Grand Master Ronnie Green and Master Rebecca Kane 




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