We have a variety of online resources which help accelerate our pupils learning.

We have online syllabuses available in our online Academy that help us to support our pupils learning and progression in grade examinations. This means that pupils can practice via a structured video series guide anywhere in the world and prepare for their next grade whether it be online or at our HQ.

If you want to get fit with a martial arts twist we have a variety of online programs. 

If you want to be motivated and learn via live lessons streamed from our dojo to the comfort of your home we have the Virtual Academy. 



Tigers Online

Online Tiny Tigers courses are now available. This is a fun and themed program that introduces Martial Arts to ages 4 – 7 years. Rebecca Kane’s Tiger program is unique to Kane Academy. It helps pupils develop balance, coordination and listening skills that parents often struggle with.

  • You can go through this at home with your child anywhere in the world and it will aid with parental bonding.
  • Courses are aimed to help children develop and progress through our grading curriculum.

Plug your child’s device into an app that will give them a positive start in life during one of the most crucial periods of development! 



Kids Online


Ninja Kid’s Online offers a variety of courses from introductory courses to get pupils started to those aimed at improving and grading through our curriculum.

  • Our Ninja Kids can access our online syllabus app anywhere in the world. The syllabus will help guide pupils and accelerate their learning enabling them to grade at a steady rate in our Belt System.
  • The online syllabus app is the go to for any pupil learning and grading at either our HQ or via our Virtual Academy.


Get your child plugged into something that will develop your child’s confidence, health and fitness this year!



We have made learning kickboxing accessible to pupils anywhere in the world.

  • Here you can take online Introductory courses, giving you a basic insight and getting you started.
  • You can access the grading syllabus in easy to manage bite size video lessons. This is the perfect study guide to pupils grading at our Dojo and via our Virtual Academy.

Ladies – It is for you too! We even have separate Ladies only online courses available too!.



Martial Arts


As well as having a prominent place in modern movies, Filipino Martial Arts is taught to military around the world due to it’s simple and effective application. It is great for self defence. 

  • Introductory courses are available to help get you started in your Filipino martial arts journey. 
  • Access to our grading syllabus courses are on the app and help pupils at our HQ or our Virtual Academy learn and progress through the ranks. 

Plug your device into an app that will make you stand out from the rest learning something that you would have struggled to access in the past.




You can now forget about zoom! We are so proud to be launching the worlds first virtual martial arts school. This also has an on demand section with over 200 lessons that is constantly growing as well as live streamed lessons. It is monthly subscription via the live site and enables you to virtually walk into our lessons anywhere in the world! Our site works on any device and also has a one to one function so you can get personal tips and corrections.


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