Martial Arts

This is a specialist martial arts program taught to military and the defence sector globally. It is well known for its deadly grace and simplicity in application to any situation as well as blade and weapon defence systems.

It is very popular on the movie screens and is known in Batman Returns, Book of Eli, Bruce Lee’s movies, Bourne identity, Kick Ass and The Hunted amongst many others.

Sifu Rebecca Kane has learned and developed skills in this art from a young age to Master Level. She has set records in the sport of Stick fighting originating from the Philippines. In the year 2000 she won 5 British Titles at one event aged 15 years old.

To this day the record is still unmatched and undefeated. She fought cadet boys as well as adult women to win titles across an array of divisions from forms to single stick and double stick fighting.

In total Rebecca has over 36 national and international top 3 placings including 5 world titles, 12 British titles and 12 European titles for the sport of this art.

Rebecca is the UK representative for Senior Grand Master Pepito Robas.

She teaches this art online via her live academy and online courses. Rebecca delivers seminars and workshops to Schools and Groups around the world.

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Rebecca Kane World Martial arts champion

As a world champion in more than one combat discipline I stand strong by the above values. They are what made me who I am.... Now it is time to see the legacy developed in the pupils at Kane Academy! 

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