8 years ago in June 2012, 40,000 local Huddersfield people crammed into St George’s Square to support me run with the Olympic torch. Something I will forever be grateful for and I am sure that many local people will never forget that day.

This month I will be running FREE classes via a live stream for the WHOLE of Huddersfield to support you.


I have also built an online course FREE for the NHS staff who risk their lives every single day during this difficult time and they are least likely to be able to attend live classes due to shift changes.

To all those who have lost someone dear in this uncertain time I know exactly what you’re going through and though time might seem dark right now you can get through.

For those of you who saw me take part in ITV’s ‘This Time Next Year’ programme to win a dance world title in memory of my mum, I have created a legacy project and have scholarship places available in my new online academy on our beginners kickboxing course for anyone who has lost a parent during COVID19. I hope that I can help give you some support and direction through my martial arts lessons to inspire you to keep moving forward.

What I am witnessing right now is scary. There definitely will be a new ‘normal’ after all of this. I could not imagine being under 10 years old and being told that I could not play with other children, or go to the supermarket and be genuinely afraid of other people because of the virus.

It is important that we do not lose touch with humanity and keep our community spirit. We are here to support and lift one another’s spirits.

Sifu Rebecca xx

Message me for more information and to be added to the private Facebook Group